October 27, 2015

Sun 7-8:30 Everyday Mindfulness

Dear Friends,

It was a big disappointment that I wasn't well enough last Sunday to join you and give the talk I announced a week ago. But I was very glad Walt Opie could step in and carry the teachings in my stead.

I still mean to talk about everyday mindfulness, so here's what I wrote about it last week (with a new date):

Our meditation practice is a powerful training that can lead to the end of dissatisfaction. We often forget that this path to contentment runs through what we might regard as the "ordinary:" our normal daily lives.

Just as in formal meditation, daily life practice brings mindfulness to whatever arises. In the process, the "ordinary" is often quite transformed.

Please join us this Sunday, Oct. 25, with your friends and stories about your practice of everyday mindfulness.

Looking forward to seeing you again,

October 10, 2015

Dear Sangha Friends,
Last week we discussed the relationship of love and emptiness; love inclines us to less self-clinging, and emptiness naturally gives rise to compassion. This week we will explore specific ways of working with both love and emptiness, and we’ll reflect on Nisargatta’s sublime realization: “Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows.”

Looking forward to seeing you and practicing together.

with warmth,
Deb Kerr

October 2, 2015

This Sunday: Love and Emptiness, Part 1

Dear Friends,

Although "emptiness" is not a word we might usually associate with love, in the Buddhist teachings and practice, they are inextricably tied to each other. This Sunday we will explore the ways in which love blossoms more fully in the light of emptiness, the ways in which emptiness is seen as love is cultivated; and the ways in which both lead us toward freedom, and manifest as fruits of our practice.

Looking forward to seeing you and practicing together!

with warmth,
Deb Kerr