August 13, 2015

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, August 16, 2015 Understanding the Mind or the Third Foundation of Mindfulness

Dear Ones,
Join me this coming Sunday to spend time with my favorite aspect of the dhamma, which is mind training and getting to know one's various mental states, wholesome and unwholesome. We will explore the Three Poisons which the Buddha points to as encompassing the entire range of our unwholesome mental states. If we learn to incline our mind away from these and more towards the wholesome mental states, we can train our minds to approach closer to liberation from suffering.

We will also look at Two Kinds of Thoughts, a sutta from the Mahjima Nikaya that the Buddha came up with before he awakened. In it he points us to wise discernment of what leads to long term, lasting happiness and liberation and what on the other hand leads us to suffering.

Should be a rich evening and a nice segway from the monastic daylong on Vedana or the second foundation of mindfulness earlier in the day for those of you who come.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

with gratitude for your practice,

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