August 6, 2015

7-8:30pm Sun, Nothing to Hold On or Cling To

Dear Friends,

We all want something to hold on to, not just when the going gets rough, but every day. There can be many days in a row when we do have a solid grip on "what matters to us," and we can come to expect it will continue that way. But nothing is certain.

Buddha taught that in fact, there's really never anything to hold on or cling to, and that we're actually better off if we accept that, deeply. When we have what we want, it's hard to imagine letting it go with equanimity. It may be in the difficult times, when crisis hits, that we're best able to see this teaching for what it's worth.

I hope you can join us this Sunday, 7-8:30, when we explore the difficulty – and value – of having nothing to cling to. Bring your stories, and friends.


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