June 19, 2015

This Sunday, June 21, 2015 at Alameda Sangha; Spiritual Bypassing

Dear Ones,

IMPORTANT Announcements:

1) First, to remind, that on Saturday, June 27, 2015 will be our monastic climate change daylong with Ayyas Santacitta and Santussika from 930-5 pm at the church. Please visit our website (link below) for details on what to bring if offering food for the nuns, and what their diet restrictions are. We ask that you do not bring any disposable silverware or paper plates, not even compostables. We do not want to create a lot of garbage for the church (we should still plan to take any garbage we accumulate in the lunch room, out of this venue)

2) This Sunday, during announcements, I would like to be able to have a sign up sheet for volunteers to help out on that day. Here are the jobs available so that you may reflect on which you might be moved to offer as part of your practice of generosity:
a) Bring flowers in vases for the church to make it beautiful and welcoming for our honored teachers.
b)Clean up - restoring the church and lunch room to their original states which may include vaccuuming of the sanctuary.
c)Check our current stash of tea and if not enough, please bring a variety of teas.
d)Someone to direct people as the arrive to put their personal lunches and any food to offer the nuns in the lunch room across from the sanctuary.
e)Someone to set up the lunchroom for the nuns - put food to offer them on one large table in the center of the room. Check in with the Ayyas to find out if qi gong will be offered before or after lunch. (My guess is after lunch like last time)
f)Washing of the alms bowls. Again, check in with the Ayyas about this. They will instruct the volunteer on how to do this after lunch is over.

Dear ones, best to arrive early for this beautiful and insightful daylong to get settled and be fully relaxed to receive the offerings from the bhikkunis.

This Sunday, the 21st of June,

Please come and explore with me the importance of learning more about this shadow side of spirituality and how it manifests in many ways. It is a fascinating area to discover because we often are deluded enough to not even be aware that this is happening for all of us.

This is a two part teaching on Spiritual Bypassing. The first part on the 21st will define what it is and why it is important, how it manifests and how to cut through it, which interestingly enough is actually about the Four Noble Truths. We will also look at blind compassion which is a more subtle form of spiritual bypassing.

Next Sunday, the 28th, I will offer more in depth exploration of spiritual bypassing and look at how to work with anxiety, how it manifests in anger and shame.

I'm very excited to delve deeply into this topic with all of you and look forward to hearing your experiences and any insights you may have, ie. indications in spiritual practice that something didn't feel very authentic, the honeymoon was over with spirituality, etc.

May you enjoy a peaceful rest of your week,

with metta, Pauletta

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