June 2, 2015

Creativity after last night's explorations - Simple, non-judgemental creative exercises to try

Dear Ones,

Thank you for the lively exploration on creativity and meditation that we shared last night. It was amazing to hear about each one's creative endeavor and to also realize that even those that are not normally considered to be "creative" actually are. Our living on this earth and how we choose to navigate our time here on the planet is a series of creative acts, including the dukkha that keeps making its appearance from time to time.

As I finished working in the studio this morning, I had these creative exercises that came to me and that I would like to pass on to all of you to try.

After a 20-30 sitting meditation:

1) Using a pencil, pen, Japanese sumi brush dipped in black ink, try to hold the instrument in a way that is not as though you are preparing to write. You can hold the brush or pencil inside your hand formed as a fist, or a hand that is about to pick up a stick. Then just make repetitive marks on paper. One could use sheets of old newspaper to paint on. Try getting your whole arm involved and not just the wrist in making the marks. Try repetitive circles, ovals, squares, or just groupings of lines. Don't think about trying to make anything, just let you hand and arm flow.

2) Set your alarm for 10 minutes, open your journal/notebook and embark on what is known as automatic writing. It's kind of like stream of consciousness. For the 10 minutes, just keep writing anything that comes to mind without judging, not concerned about grammatical errors or spelling errors. Stop mid-sentence when the alarm rings.

Try doing one or both of these exercises every day for a week, reviewing what you did the day or days prior in either case before beginning again.

It's possible that these exercises may spark you to do more. I would love to hear about it the next time I teach and meet with you all again.

with gratitude and respect for your practice,


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