June 29, 2015

Talk on Spiritual Bypassing 2 is up on the website.

Dear Ones,

Thanks for joining me last night for fascinating discussion and sharing. My talk from last night is up. Please go to our website (see link below)

For the next time I teach, please prepare by reading this sutta on shame, reflection and telling lies. http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.061.than.html

with gratitude for you practice, Pauletta
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June 26, 2015

Yoga at Sangha this Sunday 6pm

Hi all,

Please come to yoga class on Sunday 6-6:45pm. Appropriate for all. I'll have blocks and straps. Bring you mats, empty stomachs and bare feet. Donations happily accepted.

Dina Hondrogen
Yoga Instructor

June 25, 2015

Stable Heart, Stable Climate Monastic Daylong this Saturday, June 27, 2015 930-5 and Anxiety, Anger and Shame in Spiritual Bypassing

Dear Ones,

Please don't forget our monastic climate change daylong this Saturday which promises to be insightful, nourishing and inspirational. Visit our home page Events for more details about the day and don't hesitate to email me or reply to this email with any questions you may have. Best to arrive early to get settled.

Thanks to Ron and Beth, we have volunteers for the day. I do have a need for one volunteer to greet people as they arrive and show them where to put food for the nuns as well as personal lunches. No food or drink is allowed in the sanctuary. Only water.

This Sunday night, for our usual sangha meeting on the 28th, we will be continuing to explore Spiritual Bypassing and its appearances in anxiety, anger and shame. Please visit the website link below to hear my talk on Spiritual Bypassing Part 1 from last Sunday in preparation for this Sunday, the 28th.

We will look at the investigative process to work with these areas of stress and suffering without bypassing what we can learn from each in order to grow more intimately with others and ourselves as well as enrichen our lives. Is it possible for us to learn to begin working with low grade anxieties in big ways that could carry over to bigger anxieties as they arise? Can anger actually coexist with compassion? How can healthy shame free us? Let's reflect together!

Looking forward to seeing you all!
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with gratitude for your practice,

June 21, 2015

Please read this blog link to the monastics if you plan to come to next Saturday's climate change monastic daylong at Alameda Sangha

Dear Ones,

If you are planning to come to Alameda Sangha's climate monastic daylong next Saturday at the church from 930-5 pm, please read the blog (link below) to familiarize yourselves on the theme of the day:


Enjoy and may you continue to enjoy the summer,

with gratitude for your practice,

June 19, 2015

This Sunday, June 21, 2015 at Alameda Sangha; Spiritual Bypassing

Dear Ones,

IMPORTANT Announcements:

1) First, to remind, that on Saturday, June 27, 2015 will be our monastic climate change daylong with Ayyas Santacitta and Santussika from 930-5 pm at the church. Please visit our website (link below) for details on what to bring if offering food for the nuns, and what their diet restrictions are. We ask that you do not bring any disposable silverware or paper plates, not even compostables. We do not want to create a lot of garbage for the church (we should still plan to take any garbage we accumulate in the lunch room, out of this venue)

2) This Sunday, during announcements, I would like to be able to have a sign up sheet for volunteers to help out on that day. Here are the jobs available so that you may reflect on which you might be moved to offer as part of your practice of generosity:
a) Bring flowers in vases for the church to make it beautiful and welcoming for our honored teachers.
b)Clean up - restoring the church and lunch room to their original states which may include vaccuuming of the sanctuary.
c)Check our current stash of tea and if not enough, please bring a variety of teas.
d)Someone to direct people as the arrive to put their personal lunches and any food to offer the nuns in the lunch room across from the sanctuary.
e)Someone to set up the lunchroom for the nuns - put food to offer them on one large table in the center of the room. Check in with the Ayyas to find out if qi gong will be offered before or after lunch. (My guess is after lunch like last time)
f)Washing of the alms bowls. Again, check in with the Ayyas about this. They will instruct the volunteer on how to do this after lunch is over.

Dear ones, best to arrive early for this beautiful and insightful daylong to get settled and be fully relaxed to receive the offerings from the bhikkunis.

This Sunday, the 21st of June,

Please come and explore with me the importance of learning more about this shadow side of spirituality and how it manifests in many ways. It is a fascinating area to discover because we often are deluded enough to not even be aware that this is happening for all of us.

This is a two part teaching on Spiritual Bypassing. The first part on the 21st will define what it is and why it is important, how it manifests and how to cut through it, which interestingly enough is actually about the Four Noble Truths. We will also look at blind compassion which is a more subtle form of spiritual bypassing.

Next Sunday, the 28th, I will offer more in depth exploration of spiritual bypassing and look at how to work with anxiety, how it manifests in anger and shame.

I'm very excited to delve deeply into this topic with all of you and look forward to hearing your experiences and any insights you may have, ie. indications in spiritual practice that something didn't feel very authentic, the honeymoon was over with spirituality, etc.

May you enjoy a peaceful rest of your week,

with metta, Pauletta

June 12, 2015

This Sunday June 14: Getting Up and Out: Taking Practice Off the Cushion

Dear Friends,

This Sunday I'll be presenting an overview of practices to take mindfulness and lovingkindness out of sitting meditation and into everyday activity. If we are to wake up, we need to make the awakened qualities of mind stable and portable, so they are with us more than when we are formally meditating.

One concept that is useful is that of a suitcase full of practice options, or that of a toolbox. We'll list and explore what those options might be, and see how practice can be brought to infuse all aspects of life with the qualities of a clear mind and open heart--and how the nurturance that we often find in sitting practice can be found all around us.

Looking forward to practicing with you on Sunday,
Deb Kerr

June 5, 2015

Sun 7-8:30 The 4th Heavenly Messenger

Dear Friends,

The story goes that the Buddha-to-be was raised in a pleasure palace separate from the suffering of the world. One day he escaped the palace and saw, for the first time, the effects of old age, illness and death. These visions of the first three "Heavenly Messengers" shocked him out of his concern with impermanent pleasures. Then he saw a mendicant with a begging bowl, following a spiritual path, and he was powerfully called to that path himself. It was this fourth messenger that drove home the point that what really counts is liberation from the suffering caused by hollow attachments.

We don't need to see ascetics to be reminded of the possibility of liberation. Whatever form this Fourth Heavenly Messenger takes, it can call us back to spiritual awareness and our true, full potential. Join us Sunday, 7-8:30 pm, to consider this teaching and the ways we can receive and heed that liberating fourth message.

With lovingkindness,

June 2, 2015

Creativity after last night's explorations - Simple, non-judgemental creative exercises to try

Dear Ones,

Thank you for the lively exploration on creativity and meditation that we shared last night. It was amazing to hear about each one's creative endeavor and to also realize that even those that are not normally considered to be "creative" actually are. Our living on this earth and how we choose to navigate our time here on the planet is a series of creative acts, including the dukkha that keeps making its appearance from time to time.

As I finished working in the studio this morning, I had these creative exercises that came to me and that I would like to pass on to all of you to try.

After a 20-30 sitting meditation:

1) Using a pencil, pen, Japanese sumi brush dipped in black ink, try to hold the instrument in a way that is not as though you are preparing to write. You can hold the brush or pencil inside your hand formed as a fist, or a hand that is about to pick up a stick. Then just make repetitive marks on paper. One could use sheets of old newspaper to paint on. Try getting your whole arm involved and not just the wrist in making the marks. Try repetitive circles, ovals, squares, or just groupings of lines. Don't think about trying to make anything, just let you hand and arm flow.

2) Set your alarm for 10 minutes, open your journal/notebook and embark on what is known as automatic writing. It's kind of like stream of consciousness. For the 10 minutes, just keep writing anything that comes to mind without judging, not concerned about grammatical errors or spelling errors. Stop mid-sentence when the alarm rings.

Try doing one or both of these exercises every day for a week, reviewing what you did the day or days prior in either case before beginning again.

It's possible that these exercises may spark you to do more. I would love to hear about it the next time I teach and meet with you all again.

with gratitude and respect for your practice,