May 28, 2015

This Sunday, May 31, 2015 Creativity and the Practice of Meditation

Dear Ones,

No matter what level of creativity one engages in one's life, meditation and the path of practice has much to offer. The practice of creativity and the practice of meditation have many parallels and as each interconnect and reinforce one another in meaningful ways, this then leads to a more balanced lifestyle. As our inner selves get nourished and nurtured through creative expression along with the stabilizing effects of meditation we are better equipped to meet the world with other beings.

Let's share our observations and experiences together with both! Buddha's teachings have a lot to complement the creative process whether it's painting, writing, cooking, gardening, knitting, woodworking, life coaching, interfacing the technical with the real world, etc. Looking forward to our time together!

1) June 27, 2015 Monastic Climate Daylong from 930-5 pm. Please check our website for appropriate food to share for the monastics. Please do not bring any disposable plates or silverware. Ex. bring your own mug for tea
2) August 23, 2015 Alameda Sangha Annual Picnic at McKinley Park near the church from 5:00-6:30 pm. Please bring a dish or beverage to share. Please do not bring disposable plates or silverware.

Do not forget the chanting: Download on your device so that we can end the evening with this beautiful chant together before we go out into the evening,
​with appreciation and gratitude for your practice,


May 21, 2015

Sun. 7-8:30 pm Equanimity & Mindfulness

Dear Sangha,

This Sunday, guest speaker Walt Opie will join us. He plans to talk about how the quality of equanimity supports our mindfulness by helping us stay non-reactive and balanced in the face of seeing what's difficult. If we had no equanimity at all, it would be very difficult to stay mindful for any length of time.

Sharon Salzberg refers to equanimity as the "secret ingredient of mindfulness" which allows for more spaciousness. What does she mean by this at a practical level? How can we cultivate greater equanimity and therefore greater moment-to-moment awareness which leads to freedom?

Come join the sangha to explore this topic with Walt, and practice together.

Best wishes,

Sun 7-8:30 What’s Wanting in Our Lives

Dear Ones,

A major factor in mindfulness can be called the "attitude" with which we practice. As we direct our attention to the present moment, is it with greed, hatred or delusion, or is there kindness and acceptance?

This Sunday we'll look at What's Wanting in Our Lives – if we feel gratitude, or craving, when we contemplate how our lives unfold. Come explore together how we can influence our lives for the better when we're "doing nothing" more than sitting and meditating.

With deep appreciation for our sangha,

May 7, 2015

Sunday May 10: What Does It Mean To Wake Up?

Dear Ones,

This Sunday I'll be talking about what we mean when we say "nirvana," "enlightenment," or "the awakened state." How does this differ from our usual ways of being? How is the awakened state described in the Buddha's teachings? Why are we so attracted to this possibility? Did the Buddha really mean WE ordinary twenty-first century westerners can aspire to this goal? What gets in our way?

Come and bring your curiosity and we'll explore this topic, and practice together. We'll also honor our mothers and send lovingkindness to all mothers, and to ourselves.

Looking forward to being with you,
Deb Kerr