April 30, 2015

This Sunday Alameda Sangha will be in Room A Alameda Hospital 2nd Floor - Obstacles to a Life Fully Lived Part 2

Dear Ones,

Come and explore further and deeper, the hindrances or those 5 which cover over our inner nature of goodness, kindness and generosity by cultivating a more intimate understanding and relationship with them rather than turning away or continuing to remain on automatic pilot. Ajahn Sumedho says to adopt an "affectionate curiosity" towards them.

Those who would like to delve deeper, must bring a journal. We will review the 5 hindrances from last Sunday, learn how to practice, reflect and explore them in a general way, and then more specifically, spend some time with each hindrance so that in selecting which of them tends to predominate for any of us in our daily lives and on the cushion, can observe in the next week or so by noting in the journal any patterns, triggers and habits of reactivity that are specific to our own conditioning.

Also, please save the date for the June 27th Climate change daylong taught by the Aloka Vihara nuns at the church! Tell your friends.

Do not forget to download the chanting on your phones or tablets to end the evening as always, http://saranaloka.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/chanting-book-33.pdf

There will be ASL class offered by Judi and Aldon at the hospital this Sunday at 6 pm in Room A.

with gratitude for your practice,

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