March 12, 2015

Sun 3/15, 7-8:30 Problems with Preferences

Dear Friends,

The idea of living without preferences can seem alien, even frightening. For the first five years of my practice, in Zen, I was told at least once a week, "having no preference is freedom!" Each time I thought, "Yeah, but… what harm can it do to know which of two things I prefer?"

It's taken many years for me to see the benefit of recognizing when the first faint feelings of a preference begin to take root and grow into clinging, fear and the many other forms of suffering.

This Sunday evening we'll investigate the role of preference, why it seems so indispensable to us, and how we can live happily without it. Bring your questions, stories and friends!

The following week, March 22, my talk will be on Generosity.



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