March 23, 2015

Donations outside the sangha

Dear Friends,

Sunday's talk about generosity included a statement of Alameda Sangha's policy about members' contributions to outside organizations. Deb and Pauletta asked me to pass this on to all members by email.

Alameda Sangha is dedicated to supporting the practice of generosity, a foundational practice for all lay people, so we keep dana within the sangha structured for this practice. We encourage members to practice generosity outside the sangha also, but we teachers do not suggest any specific outside recipients. Sangha members are welcome to bring outside organizations' fundraising flyers or postcards and set them out near the table and then take them away after the meeting. Also, you're welcome to use the Yahoo groups email to promote outside causes you support. If you're not on the Yahoo group, contact Mary Hynes.

If you missed any of my last three dharma talks, or if you want to hear past talks by any sangha teachers, you can find recordings of them on our website to stream or download.

Best wishes to all,

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