February 5, 2015

This Sunday, February 8 at Alameda Sangha: Part 2 The Five Aggregates

Dear Ones,

Come and explore with me Vedana and Mental Formations the 2nd and 4th Aggregates. Vedana is the Pali word for Pleasant, unpleasant or neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Buddha says that every single experience that we have is either one of these feeling tones. Noticing these feeling tones arise and learning to be with them can help reduce reactivity. The Buddha shows us how.

Mental formations which comprise the mental activities of our minds, can really contribute to a lot of suffering if we don't pay attention and take some time to investigate them. Through our practice we can really learn that these are not real or who we are.

Let's support one another in our exploration of how these interrelate to all the aggregates together and have the potential to clue us in to our conditioning and reactivities.

Don't forget the chanting in the link below (or from our Resources page on the website)


with karuna and kindness,

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