January 28, 2015

This Sunday, February 1 at Alameda Sangha: Part 1 The Five Aggregates

Dear Ones,
Come and join me to explore Part 1 of this important teaching of the Buddha becaue it lays out how we meet our experience in every moment. Understanding how the experience breaks down into its composite parts will help us understand and lessen our clinging.

Feel free to join us after the Super Bowl ends. No judgements!

If you are able to offer yourself the gift of nurturing your practice by moving into stillness for an entire day, please come to the daylong this Saturday, January 31 from 930 - 5 pm at the church (see address below). Richard Shankman, one of my beloved teachers and I will be teaching and the theme is Intention is everything. Wear comfortable clothes. A 45 minute yoga session will be offered in the morning before lunch. Please bring a yoga mat. If you don't have one, chair yoga will also be offered as an alternative to practicing on the mat. The day promises to be an auspicious day of deepening in our practice!

Hope to see you on both days this weekend!

with metta and gratitude for your practice,

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