December 22, 2014

Holiday gift from Barbara Williams

Dear Friends,
Barbara wanted you all to have this as her holiday gift to the sangha.
Joy I have discovered is a quality within.
It's a matter of perceiving as we go through thick and thin
It is what we ought to feel as we find out who we are,
And learn to share the me in us with others near and far.
It is a dynamic process of fully living life,
Of accepting our ambivalence as a constructive kind of strife.
It is knowing that we are endowed with a Creative Power
To function as a person every day and every hour.
It's awareness to appreciate and freedom to make a choice.
It is giving right to everyone the Thou in them to voice.
Joy is not a destination but a feeling that we know.
It is a state of Being and a way in which we go.
Barbara J. Williams
Written in 1969 at a major branching point of my life.
Influenced by Martin Buber - I and Thou, Will Schutz-Joy,
Everett Shostrum-Man The Manipulator

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  1. "Joy is prayer;joy is strength: joy is love; joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."
    --Mother Teresa.

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