November 13, 2014

This Sunday, November 16 from 7-9 pm at Alameda Sangha: Even When Difficulties Come Up

Dear Ones,

Please join me this Sunday to kick off and start your holiday preparation practice on setting intention and using wise speech. The two practices work very well together and support one another nicely. If we start now, and practice the week prior to Thanksgiving and continue on through prepping for the December holiday festivities, I'm sure that we will find what an amazing positive difference these practices will make in managing holiday stress, expectation and actual real time interaction. Then, after we see the fruits of the practice, these will hopefully carry through and become part of our tool kit for life beyond the holidays. I am very excited to offer these two teachings of the Buddha so that we can make a positive difference this holiday season.

Please download or print the chanting: (also available from our Resources page on the website) So that we can end the evening together.

Saran Aloka Chanting Book

This Saturday, the three of us Alameda Sangha teachers, Rebecca Dixon, Deb Kerr and I will be teaching a daylong all day at this same location from 9am to 430 pm. Come and spend the day in silent walking, sitting and eating practice. Give yourselves the gift of spiritual nourishment as we explore together, the 3 Poisons of Greed, Hatred and Delusion. This is one of Buddha's important teachings. When Sariputta asked him why he was teaching about these 3 kilesas (mental defilements - major categories under which all others fall into, i.e. envy, addiction, divisive speech, anger, etc) Buddha answered, "if one can work with these 3 kilesas and are able to dispel them, the end of suffering will be reached and Nibbana attained."

Thus the importance of learning to understand, work with and become liberated from greed, hatred and delusion. What a difference this would make in our world together!
In the morning we will talk about how to recognize their arising in the mind, simple examples of how to work with them and in the afternoon, the counterpart practices of generosity, lovingkindness and wisdom in order to awaken from the trance and hold that these can have on all of us in our daily lives.  It will be quite an amazing day indeed! Wear comfortable clothing, bring a bag lunch and bring any cushions and zabutons that you may be accustomed to sitting in at home. Otherwise the chairs are very comfortable. Plan to arrive early to settle in. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Last, in light of the coming holidays, if there are any one of you that might be alone for Thanksgiving and would rather not be alone, please come to our home at any point that day. All are welcome. Contact me by using the contact form on our website here to let me know if you will be coming. We will already be cooking a large turkey with many side dishes and Filipino food. Come to whatever feels most comfortable:

Morning: 1030-1200 walk and meditation by the boats (weather permitting)

Eating: 200 pm - 315 pm 
I will be giving a heartfelt blessing ritual to all present for giving so much support, love, food and company when I was very sick with cancer last year. I still have stage 4 cancer but for the duration of the holidays at least do not appear to have to have another chemo treatment and I am so blessed and grateful. I attribute this period of reprieve and healing to all of you who have helped me personally and distantly with your good wishes, prayers and metta.

Walking: 3:15 - 3:45 walking around the neighborhood by the boats
Dessert: 4:00 pm

looking forward to a very peaceful and heartwarming event,

with metta and gratitude for your practice, Pauletta

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