November 22, 2014

References for Anapanasati Sutta

Dear Friends,
If possible before tomorrow night's meeting, I recommend reading the sutta via this link:
and reading this study guide for at at this link:

Once you get into this pdf, go to pages 28 and 29. I recommend printing out these two pages for ongoing reference for your practice.

Even if you just get a sense of the structure of the sutta, that would be helpful. I love the whole thing, but find the introduction to be especially inspiring because of the full picture we get of the Buddha's community of practitioners at this point in his career.

The remainder of the sutta is amazing for the comprehensive teaching it offers: incorporating the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Seven Factors of Enlightenment and the cycle of Transcendental Dependent Arising, all in one carefully crafted set of breathing instructions. The Buddha was a genius of human psychology, and this sutta illustrates that very strongly.

with warmth,

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