October 31, 2014

David Borglum

Dear Ones,

I got this message tonight from a friend of mine, Christy, who is also a minister and friend of David's.

We got news through our clergy partner that David died today at 1:45.

The message we received read..."Robbie Borglum asked me to let you know that our friend and colleague David Borglum passed away peacefully today at 1:45. We had gathered family around his bed to read a psalm and offer prayers of gratitude for his life. As the last prayers were said...he passed peacefully. Please keep Robbie, his wife, in your prayers as well as his daughter Angela and his son Christopher. Christopher is on an airplane now heading to Alameda."

In this moment, may there be gratitude, blessings and peace.


Keeping David and his family in the heart of love,
Deb Kerr

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