September 18, 2014

This Sunday: Anatta Part 2: Joy Shines Through

Dear Friends,

This week, Sept. 21st, I'll once again be speaking about Anatta. Last week, we covered the basics of the Buddha's teachings on not-self, emptiness or anatta. This week I'll be exploring the implications of anatta, and what happens when we are able to let go--even a little bit--of clinging to things as "I" or "mine."

Anatta is really at the core of our ability to be joyous and spacious, to relate to beauty, and to touch the states of freedom that are always within reach. It is also at the base of what allows us to find an appropriate response to the present moment, however it is. Cultivating deeper and deeper realization of anatta is central to the path of awakening.

Bring your questions from our discussion last week, and let's dive in more deeply.
with warmth,

Deb Kerr

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