August 13, 2014

This Sunday, from Anger to Liberation and ASL class before at Alameda Sangha!

Dear Ones,

Last Sunday we explored anger in group socially engaged situations to starting with ourselves first. My talk on this theme is posted on the website here.

This Sunday we will talk more about anger, its destructive nature, what causes anger to arise in the first place, the responsibility of the person whom we are directing anger towards to not escalate it further by using Patience as the path to liberation!

We will be having our 3rd American Sign Language Class taught by Judi Fruge and Erika Geiger at 6 pm. Hope to see you all there. It is definitely breaking any barriers between the hearing and the deaf members of the sangha in an amazing heartful way!

We use The Chanting Book provided by the Saranaloka Foundation for the chanting which is how we now end each evening. Please download on your phone, IPad or print so we can all chant together.

Next main event at the sangha will be September 20, 2014 Saturday daylong with the Aloka Vihara nuns from 930 to 5 pm. Please feel free to bring food to share and offer to the nuns. Please check the link on the home page of our website below to find out the food restrictions for the nuns.

I would love some volunteers to coordinate with Ron in my absence (taking both kids to college in August and early September, to return on September 18th) to come to the church by 9 am to vacuum, set up flowers 2-3 arrangements, bring 2 candles, incense in preparation for their teachings. Food should be set up in the lunchroom area across from the back entrance to the church. We need a volunteer to set up the lunch room before the midday meal. The nuns will instruct us on the ritual to offer them food and later to wash their alms bowls. It will be a beautiful daylong and I look forward to it as all of you too!

with gratitude for your practice,

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