August 22, 2014

Sunday 8/24/14: Seeing the Truth & ASL Class

Dear Friends,

One of the ways to think about taking refuge in the dharma is taking refuge in the truth of how things are. One of the main facets of mindfulness is seeing what is true in each moment. When we do this, we can stop struggling with our experience, we can stop trying to make it other than it is.

The Buddha realized there are three things that are always true in every experience and every phenomenon--the Three Characteristics. If we live in accord with the truth--these characteristics of life--wisdom and compassion grow naturally, and we begin to experience liberation.

This Sunday I'll be teaching about the Three Characteristics and where they fit in the scheme of the Buddha's teachings, and why they matter very much.

A Reminder: From 6-6:45 p.m. Sunday, Judi Fruge will continue teaching us American Sign Language. Please join us as we build the skills to communicate more easily with all members of the sangha.

Happily looking forward to practicing with you all.

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