August 20, 2014

Pauletta's talk, From Anger to Liberation

Dear Sangha,

Unfortunately something went wrong with the recording of Pauletta's talk last Sunday. Before Pauletta left for the east coast she was able to pass to me the outline of her talk and the notes she made to herself. I have attached this file and posted it on our website here. It's not the same as her voice but it does contain the material. I hope you find it useful.

On a related matter, I will continue notify you when I post the text of talks as they are available in the Resources page of our website. You can find them in reverse chronological order in the list at the top of the page. You can download the text by going to the bottom of the page, finding the title as it appears in alphabetical order, and clicking on the adjacent red download arrow. (Eventually I will move these to the dharma talks page of the teacher. I've become a little overloaded with tasks in my life. Thank you for your patience.)

With appreciation for your companionship in the practice,

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