August 6, 2014

Anger and Perception - Two Sundays in a row at Alameda Sangha

Dear Ones,

Join me this Sunday and next to explore anger and perception, Both talks segway into one another. When we decide to embark on socially engaged Buddhism, good intentions are not merely enough. Learn how anger and other destructive emotions can actually undermine efforts to further a particular cause that one may be passionate about. The work all starts with ourselves first - patience to be with the anger and its pent up and destructive energy which can move us to act unskillfully. Perception or the creation of stories can really fuel anger that is already past the point of being able to keep it in check.

Anger, not expressed unskillfully, can actually be a useful motivating factor to spur us to action.

May we have wholesome exploration of the seeds of reactivity that can make us move towards more kindness, respect and compassion as well as wisdom to know what is appropriate and when.

with metta,

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