July 31, 2014

Sun 7-8:30 Practicing with Humor & ASL class!

Dear Friends,

Buddhists have a reputation for inscrutable pronouncements, but not for hilarity. However, I often find myself chuckling at my own mind as I sit in meditation and watch its antics, and I've heard many dharma talks that have made me laugh till I cried.

Humor has a wonderful way of deepening the lessons we learn through practice. It gives us access to parts of our mind we can't even glimpse if we're not able to laugh about them.

Please bring your friends to join us Sunday, 7-8:30 pm. I can't promise the dharma talk will make you laugh, but it should make you think about adding fun to your practice.

Don't forget: at 6 pm, Judi Fruge will offer the first of free lessons in American Sign Language. Later lessons will build on this one, so I hope you can join Pauletta and me this Sunday, 6-6:45 pm at the church, as we gain skills to share the dharma with all our sangha members.

With metta,

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