June 23, 2014

This Sunday, June 29, 2014 at Alameda Sangha: Recognizing the Habits of the Mind

Dear Ones,

Come and explore with me the tools and techniques that the Buddha himself has offered to us as aids to recognize the habits of the mind. Meditation practice moves us into stillness that we may never have known before to really help us see the patterns that we tend to adopt as ways in which we interact with our world in daily life.

The practice helps us differentiate between wholesome and unwholesome mind states, learning how not to buy into the unwholesome and unskillful thoughts, ideas and movements and how to appreciate and take note of when we are abiding in wholesome mind states. Some time will be spent in learning how to work with ongoing anxiety that arises and ceases in our daily lives as well as other real time examples common to all with tools on how to be with the dukkha and at the same time nurture and nourish ourselves so that we don't feel a victim to the temporary and constantly changing phenomena that meet our senses.

Hoping that the evening will be enlightening to all!
with gratitude for your practice,
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