June 12, 2014

Sun 7-8:30 The Heart's Deepest Desire

Dear Friends,

What is the heart's deepest desire? When I think of all the things we human beings want, it seems like an artichoke. Every leaf has its tasty little bit at the bottom of some tough foliage. You go around the artichoke and keep going deeper as you eat, one layer of desires revealing another, each layer with slightly bigger tasty bits and softer petals. And eventually, you arrive at the heart, with its spiny core almost hiding the biggest, softest, most satisfying bit.

Every now and then I can settle into a clear awareness of what's beneath all those tough leaves of wants, and recognize the deepest desire in my heart. What's in yours? This Sunday, 7-8:30, we'll take a look at the desires that propel us through life, and this sweet central guide we so often don't heed. Bring your stories and your friends.


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