June 5, 2014

Friday Morning Sangha and Compassionate Service

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, a member of our Sangha, David Borglum, is very ill with cancer. Pauletta, Rebecca and I have been sitting with him weekly on Friday mornings at his home on Bay Farm Island. David has asked me to extend an invitation to the larger Sangha to anyone who wants to come and sit with us on Friday mornings at 10. He envisions this being kind of an Alameda Sangha extension, and happening every week, starting June 13th (he is on retreat this week).

David's townhouse has a small patio which could use some tender attention in the form of weeding and bush pruning. If you are willing to donate an hour or two for gardening, probably after sitting on the 13th, that would be a great boon. If you are interested in either the sitting or the 'garden party' on the 13th, please contact me and I will give you the details. If you are new to the sangha, please use the contact form on the our website here.

with warmth,
Deb Kerr

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