May 28, 2014

This Sunday, June 1 at Alameda Sangha: Buddha's Advice to Householders

Dear Ones,

Please download the chanting book from this site and print page. 33 which is the chant entitled, Reflections on Sharing Blessings (English) that Ayya Suvijanna so beautifully chanted for us last Sunday. We can carry on this tradition and begin this Sunday by ending the evening with this beautiful chant. If you download it onto a portable device such as your smart phone or tablet, you can simply chant from it paperless!

Here is the link:

Join me in exploring the Sigalaka Sutta from DN 31 in which the Buddha gives advice to Sigalaka, a layperson, on how best to conduct his life with parents, wife, children, friends and companions, employees and employers, and wise, religious men. I am hoping that we can focus on what Buddha says about the reciprocal relationship between parents and children as it is not addressed in Western Buddhism and can go a long way (in my opinion) towards healing for those of us who came conditioned from dysfunctional families and towards positive reinforcement, good memories for those who are fortunate enough to have had wholesome conditioning from loving and functional families.

But of course, we can also discuss what Buddha says about creating a wholesome foundation in the workplace, our friendships with others and spiritual teachers and monastics. His teaching paves the way for fascinating reflection because his advice is so simple, but difficult to put in place in our current society and lifestyle. Why is this the case? Hmmmm.

Hope to see you all there!

​with gratitude for your practice,

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