May 1, 2014

Sun 7-8:30 What Adversity Can Teach Us

Dear Friends,

When things go against us, we feel an instant whiplash of aversion. We make instinctive facial expressions and gestures that are understood in all languages. What if, instead, we could welcome waking up with the flu, or the angry boss, or the flat tire as an educational opportunity?

It would be great if we could see it that way from the very first. We'd probably suffer a lot less as the setback played itself out. But even if we're instantly overwhelmed by dukkha, we can still learn from what's happened so far at any point when we remember to. That education "after the fact" can help us face the next, inevitable, adversity.

Come this Sunday, 7-8:30 pm to explore what adversity can teach us. Bring your own stories and a friend, and remember:

Due to the church's annual bazaar, just this Sunday we're meeting at ALAMEDA HOSPITAL, 2070 Clinton Ave, Alameda, CA 94501, (510) 522-3700, in CONFERENCE ROOM A. As you enter the front doors of the hospital, there is an operator to the left to direct people to the room. There may be signs pointing the way to Alameda Sangha, and there are also building maps available.

Earlier that day, I hope you're able to join us at the bazaar. Be sure to check in at the Alameda Sangha table.

With metta,


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