May 15, 2014

Sawing our Way to Kindness and Respect this Sunday at Alameda Sangha

Dear Ones

My own deepest aspiration in practice is that of being kind and respectful at all times, even in the face of abuse! (remember my past talk Slow but Sure Fruits to Bear where I spoke of Patience under Insult). It's difficult at times to remember, but helpful when keeping the intention close to the heart.

Thus the inspiration for offering this teaching on the Simile of the Saw. This particular teaching is rich with many similes which time constraints cannot accommodate so I will focus on one or two where the Buddha shows how a latent tendency of a defilement is brought to manifestation and then full transgression as well as how best we can employ patience, kindness, respect, and compassion when faced with situations in which it is difficult to hold our tongue and even our bodily action. it is quite an inspiring teaching that I hope you all will appreciate.

Don't forget to sign up for the daylong on Wisdom this Saturday from 9-430 pm. Offer yourselves the gift of a day of nurturing silence and practice amongst other supportive ones. The theme of this daylong nicely completes the three aspects of the Path of Practice, aka the Noble Eightfuld Path. The first daylong of the year taught by Baruch and I covered Sila or Ethics which is Right Speech, Right Livelihood and Right Action. The second daylong in March taught by Rebecca and Deb, covered Samadhi or Concentration which is Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. This Saturday, I will teach Panna or Wisdom which rounds out the Eightfold Path with Right Understanding and RIght Intention.

Hope to see you all there!

​with gratitude for your practice, Pauletta

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