May 21, 2014

Ayya Tathaaloka this Sunday at Alameda Sangha

Dear Ones,

Please join me in welcoming Ayya Tathaaloka this Sunday who plans to speak on karma and rebirth. I will be picking her up in Berkeley and bringing her to the sangha. IF anyone gets to the sangha first before us and it looks as though the floor could use a quick vacuum, please feel free to do this.

Someone else could take a photo of one of the tables in the foyer leading to the bathrooms and clear this table so that she may put any literature for us to choose from and take. After the evening ends, this volunteer could please put all the things back like the photo taken on the table so that the church will not complain that we have not restored it how we left it.

Ayya T would like us to visit her page and listen to her talk on karma and rebirth so that we may bring any questions to this Memorial Day weekend Sunday evening for her visit.

May you all have a peaceful rest of your week and weekend,

with metta, Pauletta

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