April 14, 2014

"Knowing " practices for the week

Dear ones,

Here are suggestions from the talk last night on how to "know" so the mind can "abandon" the stains or kilesas of the mind without much effort after sustained practice over time.

1) As per the First Noble Truth, really come to understand through curiosity, our relationship to experience, particularly when the reaction manifests as a defilement of the mind. So reflection would be a good start to this understanding.

2) Being willing to meet our difficulties so that we are not pushing away, or holding on to what is arising nor refusing to see the truth of the reality of a situation.

3) Mindfulness of the body work where we drop in and see what is happening as we work with the stains of the mind that fall into one of the three categories of the 3 Main Poisons : Greed, hatred and delusion.

Happy practicing! It will be good to hear what you have discovered next week. I will be teaching about cultivating patience whch is a much needed virtue in our culture right now! See you next Sunday!

with metta,

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