April 11, 2014

Daylong registration page date typo and other news

Dear Ones,

Someone alerted me that when you click the link, "here" on our home page to register for the May 17 daylong, that page still says March 29, the last date of last month's Concentration daylong with Deb and Rebecca. Susan is away on vacation right now but I've sent her an email to change the date to May 17. If you go ahead and register anyway and ignore the typo date, it will still register you properly so that I can give you information about the first day. So please go ahead and still register on line despite the date error on the page. It will help me a lot to know how many are coming so that I can properly structure the day for interview slots, etc.

On that same day, May 17 in the evening, starting around 6 pm will be an event announcing me as artist in residence at OACC, the Oakland Asian Cultural Center where they honored me a few months ago at a dinner. It will be another evening of amazing entertainment - music and dance, etc. There will be T shirts for sale with my woodblock prints silkscreened onto the front of the shirt. We will be announcing some activities which I will be doing and offering for dana to the center and all are invited to attend and participate.

1) Evening event at OACC on May 17. $20 for tickets and $40 for VIP seating and pre-reception. There won't be dinner served that evening as at the event many of you attended a few months ago, hence the cheaper ticket prices. Please email Tamiko Wong (email address above if interested)

2) I will be teaching a Folding Haiku Book class from 1130 am - 430 pm with another artist, Charles Valoroso on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at OACC which is located in Chinatown. Class is $20, all proceeds to go to OACC. Charles and I are teaching this class dana for the organization. We will collect an additional $20 from participants in the workshop on the day, June 14 to cover our materials expenses. Once again, contact Tamiko if interested in signing up.

3) Sometime in the summer I will be having a demo on woodblock printing with a show of my actual blocks that I used to make the prints and some silk screened prints of my woodblocks for about $50 each. Stay tuned.

4) Health permitting, I will be doing 4 noon Thursday meditation sessions.at OACC that will be about 1 1/2 hours each time. We will meditate for the first 1/2 hour, then a 30 minute dharmette talk and the last 30 minutes to meditate. This will be dana based.

5) Last, I will be having a show at SFMOMA Artists Gallery in Fort Mason from July 19-August 21. The reception where I will be present will be on Saturday July 19 from 3-5 pm. The title of the show is Shifting Sands which is where I am on my death journey right now. Hope to see you all there.

And best but of course, temporary news is that my cancer markers went down to 96! So I won't need to have chemo at the end of this month as I originally thought. Phew! We will just check my blood monthly from now till the next time the markers start to rise again. Next week Steve and I will see the chief of breast oncology at UCSF to see if there are other non-chemo things I can take to help keep the cancer numbers down without so much exposure to toxicity as often. We will see. Send metta and good wishes. The appointment is on Tuesday the 15th at 930 am.

with loving gratitude and metta to all of you,

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