April 19, 2014

A Dear one in our Sangha in immediate need of Care and Support

Dear Ones,

It has come to the teachers' attention that David Borglum has been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer.

He will be starting Chemotherapy this Monday (in two days' time). He has not yet started a Caringbridge page with the Support Planner. Perhaps one of you could volunteer to help him and his wife start and organize this.

They could probably use help this week with meals, visits, he goes weekly to Kaiser to have fluid drained from his abdomen and so could perhaps welcome a ride to his appointments, check ins and relieving his wife and family so they can relax (similar to my morning and afternoon check in visits when I've had chemo myself). And last, companionship and meditation together. Rebecca and I will be going over this Friday morning to meditate with him.

If any of you are able and your hearts are moved to offer generous acts of support and companionship for David, here is his contact info:

510 749 9661 home
510 205 6082 cell

He lives on Bay Farm Island. Tomorrow we will be offering him metta during the guided meditation. He may or may not feel up to coming to the sangha after the Easter celebration at the church where he is minister.

Thank you all so much for your generosity, kindness, well wishes and support for David and his family during this very challenging time,

with metta and gratitude for your practice,


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