March 13, 2014

Sunday 7-8:30 Concentration

Dear Friends,

Approaches to concentration practice vary widely throughout the Buddhist world. You may have heard me sidestep questions about it, saying we don't need a lot of concentration for insight meditation.

But there are good reasons for practicing concentration, especially to develop samadhi -- a peaceful and unified mind. To do this, most people need a block of time like a day-long retreat. Well, one is coming up on March 29 with Deb and me!

In my dharma talk this Sunday, I'll offer a brief survey of concentration practices and explain an approach
good for calming and focusing the mind. This approach can be a valuable part of a regular non-retreat practice, and it's the one we'll be using on March 29.

Whether or not you can attend that daylong, do come this Sunday to get an overview of this eighth fold of the Eightfold Path, and look into an accessible way to cultivate it.

And bring a friend.


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