February 6, 2014

Sun 7-8:30 The Spectrum of Desire

Dear Friends,

I spent much of the Super Bowl in front of the TV, looking up from my work to watch commercials. Some were clever, others heartwarming or hilarious. Most promoted desire. One was quite explicit in telling us that desire made life noble and our purpose was to cultivate and pursue desires as ardently as possible.

Some people believe Buddha condemned all desire, and a lot of suttas sound like that's true. Desire is actually a multi-faceted and inseparable aspect of the human experience. Our challenge is to understand what is tugging at our minds and hearts right now. Where did this desire come from, and where does it fit on the spectrum of healthy to harmful?

Please come this Sunday evening to explore the genesis and consequence of our attractions. Invite friends to join us for meditation, discussion and the support of a great sangha.

With metta,

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