January 27, 2014

Generosity Practice this week

Thank you for the wonderful, connecting and beautiful evening last night. Much heart opening for everyone there!

Here are some simple suggestions for ways we can all think about cultivating Generosity (Dana) in all of our lives:  Remember it is important to track the inner reactions as we think about giving, during the giving and after the giving. We also must do this in the receiving and practice letting go into the delight of receiving.

  1. Similar to tithing, we can think about regularly donating to a favorite non-profit organization that we believe in. I donate 10% of my art sales to Buddhist Global Relief.
  2. Spend time with an older person who is lonely, feeling out of touch with greater society or anyone who has trouble connecting. 
  3.  Freely offer one's talents to someone in need. i.e. computer skills for someone who is not tech savvy
  4. As we discussed last night, offering food to homeless people at street corners. I carry a bag of oranges in the car to offer whenever I can.

These are just a few suggestions of many more we can all come up with. Have fun tracking your experience as you all move towards cultivating generosity in your daily life!

with metta and hugs, Pauletta

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