July 25, 2013

Yoga @ Sangha- Sunday 7/28

I will be teaching yoga this Sunday 7/28 from 6-6:45pm before the sit on Sunday. Beginners are welcome.

Please bring a sticky mat and wear clothes that you can easily move in.

Join us!

Namaste, Dina

Mindfulness of Feeling: Directly Experiencing Freedom

Dear Dharma Friends,

Please join me this Sunday July 28th for an exploration of the Second Foundation of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Feeling. In Buddhist teachings, feeling refers to the basic response that something is pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Very often, when we experience something as pleasant, we immediately move to grasp it or crave more of it; when we experience something as unpleasant, we react with aversion or hatred; and when we experience something neutral, we tend to ignore it altogether.

The renowned Pali scholar Nyaniponika Thera wrote:
"If feelings are seen in their bubble-like blowing up and bursting, their linkage with craving or aversion will be weakened more and more, until that bondage is finally broken. By that practice, attachment to likes and dislikes will be reduced and thereby an inner space will be provided for the growth of the finer emotions and virtues: for loving-kindness and compassion, for contentment, patience and forbearance."
Feelings in this context are much more basic than emotions, and we can learn to work with them in ways that bring an immediate experience of freedom. We'll be looking at how this works, and seeing that mindfulness applied at the point of feeling is very powerful in moving our habits of mind toward happiness that does not depend on the changing conditions of the world around us.

Looking forward to practicing with you on Sunday,

Deb Kerr

July 23, 2013

Welcome Deb Kerr as a Guiding Teacher

Dear Friends,

Pauletta and I are very happy to announce that Deb Kerr has accepted our invitation to join us as a guiding teacher of Alameda Sangha. She will teach regularly and take on a share of the tasks needed to keep the sangha running.

We are also grateful that Baruch Golden will continue to teach occasionally at Alameda Sangha. He will be joined by several other teachers who may lead sangha meetings from time to time as needed.

We are all committed to the stability of our community, and to continuing to offer quality teaching and practice opportunities to everyone who comes to the sangha. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

With deep bows,
Rebecca & Pauletta

July 19, 2013

Support Meeting for Pauletta's Helpers this Sun, 6 pm

Dear Friends,

On June 9, Rebecca held the first support meeting for people helping Pauletta as she deals with her illness.  This Sunday, July 21, Deb Kerr and Rebecca will hold the second meeting.  After this, we plan to offer the meetings twice a month.  All will be held at 6 pm before the regular sangha meeting, at the Buena Vista United Methodist Church, 2311 Buena Vista Ave., Alameda.

These meetings offer techniques taught by Zen Hospice Project to make helping an opportunity for our own spiritual growth and to minimize suffering for all concerned.  Anyone who has helped Pauletta, or is considering helping, is encouraged to attend.

These meetings are confidential and respect every point of view.  It's a chance for Alameda Sangha members to grow as a spiritual community, and to give and receive support with everyone involved in Pauletta's care, whether they attend the sangha or not.
To maximize use of the short time we have, please arrive a few minutes before 6 pm.

If you'd like to attend this Sunday but can't, you can reply to this email to be put on a list of interested people.

We hope to see you there,
Rebecca and Deb

July 18, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha: The Turmoil of the World

Hello Everyone,

Come and enjoy four vignettes of the Buddhist teaching describing how world turmoil begins with the defilements of the mind in individuals and like when we say the dedication of merit ripple out until political conflicts manifest in very unwholesome ways, affecting many innocent beings in the process.

I will have an opening for my solo art show at Bryant Street gallery in Palo Alto on August 2 from 6-8 pm. Announcement will be sent on our yahoo groups.

There will be a support group this Sunday on my behalf led by Rebecca Dixon at 6 pm at the church. Some of my family will be there.

with gratitude and metta, Pauletta

July 11, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, The Pitfalls of an Unreflected Life

Dear Ones,

Come this Sunday and hear another of my favorite short suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya that talks about how a noble awakened being and an ordinary worldly person responds to the Eight Worldly Winds and pain. The talk will be short and sweet but hopefully the discussion meaty.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

with metta, Pauletta

July 5, 2013

Sangha Picnic -- No Need to Reserve Tables

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, August 11, we'll hold our annual Sangha Picnic just a few blocks away on Buena Vista in McKinley Park.  This is a great chance to hang out and get to know each other better.  It's potluck.  Bring a dish or beverages to share, and to spare the environment, also bring your own plates & utensils.

Very little coordination is needed for this event.  If you would like to help with pre- or post-picnic efforts, though, please contact me here.

Alameda doesn't take reservations for McKinley Park.  It's on a first come, first serve basis.  We start at 5pm, so we've never had trouble getting two tables.  At 6:40, we'll tidy up and walk to the church for our regular sangha meeting.

Put it on your calendar now, because it's a fun event you won't want to miss.

Looking forward to it,

July 4, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, Ayya Santacitta will be visiting

Dear Ones,

Hoping that you will attend a beautiful evening of time with Ayya Santacitta and her words of wisdom from Aloka Vihara.

The serenity, liberation and apparent tranquility we can experience in the present of a monastic is something we can get inspired in our practice by and aspire to their example.

Hope to see you all there for this wonderful and rare event!

don't forget the Alameda Sangha picnic on August 11. Someone please reserve two picnic tables for us at Mckinley Park for this event. We can meet at 5 pm and eat leisurely before walking to the church for our regular sangha meeting.

with metta,