December 26, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, December 29 from 7-9 pm

Dear Ones,

How many of us have made sweeping, grandiose, New Year's resolutions only to find them hard to keep shortly after the new year begins? We often set our expectations beyond our capabilities when we make them despite the best intentions in formulating them.

The Buddha taught about intention or volition from one moment to the next which can certainly be much more doable in my estimation. He said that karma (kamma in the Pali) follows intention. If we use our tool of mindfulness to help us pause and set wholesome and skillful intentions before key moments in our lives or even starting the day with a wholesome intention (this is much like setting positive affirmations) think how much less suffering will be created and how much more people will be drawn to us!

For myself, setting the intention to be kind and respectful before each family encounter during the holiday celebrations this week really helped me remember to not allow my automatic reactions surface and manifest.

Come, explore and discuss this important teaching of the Buddha, which is yet another tool we can add to our kit of wholesome techniques and motivations.

with metta,

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