November 25, 2013

Reminder for the Holidays: Checking in with the Breath

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick and important reminder to keep awareness of the breath close at hand like a good friend supporting you through any trying as well as very joyous times during the coming holidays. Don't forget to be compassionate to yourselves and this means to take good care of yourselves during the rush and bustle of the preparation for what is to come.

1) Even if you think you do not have time for sitting practice, it's good to do as little as 10 minutes a day if possible. Just getting into the sitting posture will be grounding (despite the mind being busy and out of control with planning) because it will be a reminder of the need to seek some tranquility within.

2) When you feel the urge to speed up, slow down! It's counterintuitive but the best we can do for the body, heart and mind.

3) From my own personal experience, even though I'm hosting Thanksgiving and making the turkey, stuffing and one other side dish, it is important to take care of oneself by:

a)scheduling a massage before and after the holidays
b) brining the turkey - this means that the turkey can be picked up well before the Wednesday rush because brining the turkey is best to start 2-3 days before Thanksgiving
c) Picking up all the ingredients one can before Thanksgiving for the sides, stuffing, etc
d) If traveling, then there will be lots of time for sitting practice because of possible delays and any layovers. Also a good opportunity to really keep the breath nearby due to more openended time waiting

4) While driving, if with talkative friends or relatives, be sure to breathe and let them know if you need a moment to concentrate on directions or just have a little quiet time. (in a kind and respectful way)

Don't forget to breathe, be kind to yourselves and the practice will unfold in good and positive ways!

Happy Thanksgiving! with metta, Pauletta

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