October 3, 2013

This Sunday at the Sangha

Is it possible to be aware of ourselves continuously, whatever posture we are in, from the time we wake up until we fall asleep? As we practice, mindfulness can often be present without much support and amidst difficult conditions. Join Pauletta and I in an interactive dharma talk on practicing mindfulness in daily life. When you have a moment, reflect on these questions, which we hope to discuss on Sunday:

1. What is my intention for my mindfulness/meditation practice? (Spend some time now reflecting on your intention).

2. How can I use this time to sense into what my intentions for practice are?

3. How do I see the continuity of mindfulness or awareness in my meditation practice?

4. What is the priority of my meditation practice in relation to the other activities, interests and demands of my life?

5. Do I notice when other aspects of life pull me away from being mindful. What is the priority of those things compared with being mindful?

I love this excerpt from the poem We Are All Pilgrims by Maya Spector. The link to the full poem and the artuckele, “How to Bring More Mindfulness into Your Life” from DukeHealth.org are on the Resources page of the sangha website.
“You cry out –
I’m not ready!
Now you understand that
it was never arriving
that mattered.
You know –
deeply and without doubt –
that the pilgrimage itself
was the point.
All of those hours lost
in complaint, confusion and misery –
you realize that they were
opportunities ignored and departed.

Peace and blessings. baruch

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