September 5, 2013

This Sunday, at Alameda Sangha, Catty Dharma Talk

Dear Ones,

Join me this Sunday to explore the ways in which we may be unskillful in our speech and listening both internally and externally and/or partcipate in the offering of a dharma talk that may be "catty" when we confront our conditioning closer and more frequently as our practice deepens. (this is why many abandon meditation early on in their dabbles of spirituality)

Bring a notebook and pen as we will do another writing reflection exercise. Reflect on the ways of deep listening as we end our week and meet on Sunday.

with gratitude for your practice,

Alameda Sangha
Every Sunday, 7pm
@ Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista Ave., Alameda
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1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to your talk, as always!
    I just got a newsletter from Spirit Rock yesterday with a link on communication skills one needs to facilitate a Kaliyana Mitta group and I listened to the podcast. I'm sure that many of the same issues will come up tonight.