September 27, 2013

This Sunday: Opening to the Goodness of the World

Dear Ones,

This Sunday I'll be exploring how the act of taking in the good inclines our minds toward things that bring more happiness, and eventually re-wires our brains with habits that bring us closer to freedom. The Buddha taught that it really is possible to change our conditioned ways of thinking so that we are not only happier, but able to be consistently more skillful in how we respond to life.

Looking forward to practicing with you Sunday evening.
with warmth,
Deb Kerr

September 19, 2013

Using the Dharma Sun 7-8:30 with Rebecca

Dear Friends,

We tend to think of the dharma as the domain of scholars probing the linguistic nuances of Pali to understand esoteric teachings. Buddha, though, was pragmatic in what he taught, giving us what we could use to reduce our mental suffering. He repeatedly said that the ultimate test of the dharma was whether it worked.

How do we use what appears to be a lot of lists of insights and suggestions in the dharma? Come this Sunday 7-8:30 with your own stories about lessons from the teachings that have helped you in your meditation practice or in the events of your daily life, and how you made use of them. And bring friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,


September 11, 2013

Sunday at the sangha, "Supporting Mindfulness in Action"

The cultivation of mindfulness (when we're not sitting), requires significant behavioral and social supports. These supports are necessary because the cultivation of mindfulness often goes against our own conditioning. It is widely recognized that it is more difficult to remember to be mindful, than to be mindful itself. The talk this Sunday will explore the continuity of our awareness in our practice.

See you Sunday. Peace and blessings.

Baruch Golden

September 5, 2013

This Sunday, at Alameda Sangha, Catty Dharma Talk

Dear Ones,

Join me this Sunday to explore the ways in which we may be unskillful in our speech and listening both internally and externally and/or partcipate in the offering of a dharma talk that may be "catty" when we confront our conditioning closer and more frequently as our practice deepens. (this is why many abandon meditation early on in their dabbles of spirituality)

Bring a notebook and pen as we will do another writing reflection exercise. Reflect on the ways of deep listening as we end our week and meet on Sunday.

with gratitude for your practice,

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