August 28, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, Obstacle Free Zone

Dear Ones,

Come join me this Sunday to hear about how we can awaken to holding equanimity on the one hand which stabilizes and supports us,while at the same time,  holding on the other hand the heart tugging grasping (holding on or pushing away).

Please bring something to write on as we may do a reflective writing exercise after or during the dharma talk. 

If someone would please guide the meditation, so I can reserve my strength for the dharma talk, i would appreciate that very much. I just had to have chemo today but still want to come and teach this Sunday because I'm very excited about the dharma talk. 

I also learned a new walking meditation method that I would like to share with you all after the break. It would be good to practice when one is experiencing insomnia where the thinking mind does not shut up. 

Hope to see you all very soon,
with metta, Pauletta

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