August 1, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Trusting Our Higher Wisdom

Dear Friends,

This Sunday Rebecca will talk about the development and use of wisdom in our lives and practice. We often think of wisdom as a lofty attribute which we're too modest to claim for ourselves. If we heed our "higher wisdom," will we be like people who say they've been told what to do by celestial voices?

Wisdom is a basic function in meditation, though. Come this Sunday and learn more about how to recognize, develop and use it. Bring your friends.

Also, the Support Group for people helping Pauletta will meet before the sangha meeting at 6 pm. Please come early so we can start on time.

Don't forget the Sangha Picnic on August 11, also before the sangha meeting. Please bring a vegetarian dish or non-alcoholic beverage to share, and either your own or earth-friendly plates and utensils. Arrive by 5:30, or 5:15-ish to help set up.

See our web site for more details about both the picnic and the Support Group.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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