August 8, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 A Sense of Purpose & picnic 5:30!

Dear Friends,

With so much emphasis in the teachings on non-clinging, many people feel there's something not right about having goals.  On the other hand, living without meaning, direction or purpose seems lacking in vitality, almost a life "not worth living."

Come Sunday and explore some very basic questions about your relationship to this practice.  Why do we meditate?  If it's part of an overall life plan, what is that plan about?  Or does our practice itself generate a sense of purpose in our day to day life? 

But first come to the Sangha Picnic, our annual vegetarian potluck extravaganza.  Details here:  Its purpose is to have a good time with lots of fun, spiritually-minded people.  Bring friends who share that goal.

See you there, then,

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