August 22, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Clinging to Views & Half-day with Rebecca on 8/28

Dear Friends,

Many of the suttas warn emphatically against "clinging to views," defined as ideas about how things are. This suggestion can seem simple, mysterious, or seriously challenging, depending on how deeply we look at our own views. One of the best opportunities to glimpse them is when we discover they're wrong.

Come this Sunday and discover how complex "views" can be, and how we can cling to them fiercely without realizing it. Bring your stories and friends, too.

Next Wednesday, August 28, I will be substituting for Gil Fronsdal at IMC in Redwood City at the regular half-day retreat, from 9:30 am - 12:15 pm. For more information, go here:

Best wishes,

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