August 28, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha, Obstacle Free Zone

Dear Ones,

Come join me this Sunday to hear about how we can awaken to holding equanimity on the one hand which stabilizes and supports us,while at the same time,  holding on the other hand the heart tugging grasping (holding on or pushing away).

Please bring something to write on as we may do a reflective writing exercise after or during the dharma talk. 

If someone would please guide the meditation, so I can reserve my strength for the dharma talk, i would appreciate that very much. I just had to have chemo today but still want to come and teach this Sunday because I'm very excited about the dharma talk. 

I also learned a new walking meditation method that I would like to share with you all after the break. It would be good to practice when one is experiencing insomnia where the thinking mind does not shut up. 

Hope to see you all very soon,
with metta, Pauletta

August 24, 2013

Stretch and Sit-Yoga @Sangha

Come join us Sunday at 6-6:45 for some yoga. All are welcome.
Bring your sticky mat, flexible clothes and an empty stomach.

Dina Hondrogen
Yoga Instructor

August 22, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Clinging to Views & Half-day with Rebecca on 8/28

Dear Friends,

Many of the suttas warn emphatically against "clinging to views," defined as ideas about how things are. This suggestion can seem simple, mysterious, or seriously challenging, depending on how deeply we look at our own views. One of the best opportunities to glimpse them is when we discover they're wrong.

Come this Sunday and discover how complex "views" can be, and how we can cling to them fiercely without realizing it. Bring your stories and friends, too.

Next Wednesday, August 28, I will be substituting for Gil Fronsdal at IMC in Redwood City at the regular half-day retreat, from 9:30 am - 12:15 pm. For more information, go here:

Best wishes,

August 15, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha


The urge to pray may be universal. There is no culture past or present in which prayer does not occur. People pray when they are happy and sad, during celebrations and tragedies, at births and deaths, during peace and war. Prayer is continually present on earth, a constant global hum.

Most Western Buddhists were raised in one of the three Semitic religions: Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. All three of these religions hold prayer as a principal spiritual practice. What is the place of prayer within Buddhist structure and in our individual practice? Join me for an exploration of Buddhism and prayer.

Peace and blessings.

August 13, 2013

Rebecca's Dharma Talks on the Web Site

Dear Friends,

My talks from this last Sunday, "A Sense of Purpose," and the week before, "Trusting Your Higher Wisdom," are now on our sangha web site.

I recommend reading a comment on my blog that illustrates very well the way to investigate suffering, which I discussed in "Trusting Your Higher Wisdom." You can see the comment at You could also read my blog entry on Blame at

Lots of metta,

August 8, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 A Sense of Purpose & picnic 5:30!

Dear Friends,

With so much emphasis in the teachings on non-clinging, many people feel there's something not right about having goals.  On the other hand, living without meaning, direction or purpose seems lacking in vitality, almost a life "not worth living."

Come Sunday and explore some very basic questions about your relationship to this practice.  Why do we meditate?  If it's part of an overall life plan, what is that plan about?  Or does our practice itself generate a sense of purpose in our day to day life? 

But first come to the Sangha Picnic, our annual vegetarian potluck extravaganza.  Details here:  Its purpose is to have a good time with lots of fun, spiritually-minded people.  Bring friends who share that goal.

See you there, then,

August 1, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Trusting Our Higher Wisdom

Dear Friends,

This Sunday Rebecca will talk about the development and use of wisdom in our lives and practice. We often think of wisdom as a lofty attribute which we're too modest to claim for ourselves. If we heed our "higher wisdom," will we be like people who say they've been told what to do by celestial voices?

Wisdom is a basic function in meditation, though. Come this Sunday and learn more about how to recognize, develop and use it. Bring your friends.

Also, the Support Group for people helping Pauletta will meet before the sangha meeting at 6 pm. Please come early so we can start on time.

Don't forget the Sangha Picnic on August 11, also before the sangha meeting. Please bring a vegetarian dish or non-alcoholic beverage to share, and either your own or earth-friendly plates and utensils. Arrive by 5:30, or 5:15-ish to help set up.

See our web site for more details about both the picnic and the Support Group.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!