June 15, 2013

Tomorrow night at Alameda Sangha, The Beauty of Investigation

Hello Everyone,

Very sorry to let you all know that Rebecca Dixon has pneumonia and won't be able to teach, so instead, I shall be teaching in her stead.

It will be nice to see many of you again after my first chemo treatment which was pretty horrendous but now I feel pretty good afterwards!! So that's the good news!

Much of what I attribute to a calm mind in my death journey process is lots of Mind Training as I've mentioned but much setting the foundation for the mind training to grow, through Investigation. This is in the First Foundation of Mindfulness in the Satipatthana Sutta where it is actually necessary to do lots of training first with the body.

Our culture which emphasizes a lot of mental activity which unfortunately creates so much of our suffering has lost the connection between the body and mind. It's interesting that in Buddhism, there is only one Pali word for both because they are considered to be inseparable. So we need to forget about training the mind first in this practice until we spend enough time training with the body which will in turn facilitate working with the mind and allowing the mind training to take a foothold effortlessly.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night,

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