June 19, 2013

This Sunday, Two Kinds of Thought: Mind Training July 23, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Come and join me this Sunday for a talk on MN19 or Two Kinds of Thought. It is one of my favorite suttas because it has many pertinent universal metaphors and really points to how we can begin to incline our mind towards goodness (training the amygdala to respond in a more wholesome way) and away from mind states that create suffering for ourselves and others. Most importantly, it is a teaching that the Buddha arrived at when he was a mere Bodhisatta and not yet awakened under the bodhi tree. This shows that we do not have to be a fully enlightened being in order to reap the rewards of practice.

Before I forget, Ronald Pineda, has announced that his father will be having memorial services this Thursday evening at 6 pm at the Greer Family Mortuary and all are invited to attend. If you are able, please come and support Ron in his grieving for his dad.

Last night, I had my girlfriend come to shave my head because everytime I touched my hair, handfuls of strands would come out and so I did not want to wait until I was balding to do this.She chickened out because she just finished her rounds of chemos herself and did not want to cut my scalp with a razor to create an infection. So I am attaching a photo of myself so that you won't be shocked although I will be wearing either a pill box hat or a turban on Sunday. I think that I look  like a monastic.

Walkers next week when I have chemo, please still come if you would like. I will be sprawled on the couch and it would be nice to have you each just sit and be present with me. We can meditate for 10 minutes together. I may not feel like talking much if I am nauseous but would still appreciate the company.

with gratitude and metta, Pauletta

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