June 6, 2013

Sun 7-8:30 Our Favorite Little Stories, after 6 pm Support Group

Dear Friends,

We tell them to ourselves all the time. They become building blocks in our constructed reality – aka delusion. Most of them mold our sense of self. Although they take up so much mental bandwidth, we may not realize we're telling ourselves these stories. If we fact-checked them, most of them would fail.

We can recognize them because they repeat so much, and because they usually cause an unpleasant feeling. We'll talk about them on Sunday: their genesis, purpose and role in our suffering. See if you can spot any in the next few days. Any you can share will help us understand this aspect of Mind. Invite people you think might be interested in joining us.

I just launched a web site, RebeccaDixon.org The current (brief) blog post deals with constructed reality a bit, so you might want to check it out.

Also: Before the sangha meeting, at 6 pm, I'll hold the first support meeting for anyone thinking about helping Pauletta as she deals with her illness. This meeting will offer tried-and-true techniques to make helping an opportunity for our own spiritual growth and minimize suffering for all concerned. It will also be a chance for us to give and receive support as a sangha. It will be confidential and respect every point of view.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

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