May 2, 2013

This Sunday at Alameda Sangha at ISLAND YOGA not BVUM - Practicing Patience with Chronic and Acute Pain

Hello Everyone,

Hoping that you can join me so that I can share my practice offerings as I experience chronic and acute pain on my health journey which I love to offer up as a way in which we can learn from in our spiritual paths.

This will be a two part talk. This Sunday at Island Yoga will be about how the Parami of Patience or Khanti has really helped me with chronic and acute pain coping and transcending. If you didn't already know it, meditation practice really helps with both chronic and acute pain! On my weeklong retreat last month, I really experienced relief and healing - it was renewing and inspiring!

The next Sunday that I teach, back at our local digs, BVUM, on May 19th, I will be speaking about how the brahmavihara of compassion has appeared to cultivate all on its own in the light of chronic and acute pain extreme suffering without my even being aware that this was happening until I noticed how my responses to people and situations are far different than they have classically been pre-illness.

You are invited to my one day two artist show at Stage Left Cellars in Oakland on June 2, please save the date.

In order to prepare for Ayya Santacitta's visit with Sr. Jayati on July 7, you may want to start listening to her talks online. She has quite a thick German accent and it may do well to habituate oneself to it so that it won't be a surprise. Here is a link to their website so that you can access her talks:

Looking forward to seeing all of you again,

with metta, Pauletta

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